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My last several weeks

This quarter I’m taking microeconomics, second quarter calculus, introduction to visual art, morals and ethnics, and fencing, totaling to 17.5 units. Not a bad workload at all.

My only gripe about calculus is that it’s at 7:30 in the morning. I might as well be hitting my snooze button there instead of in bed. After that one hour class, at least on Mondays and Wednesdays, is a two hour class where I sit in a chair and take notes about paintings. I find that mindless work and it’s too easy to doze off on those soft chairs also. Microeconomics is slightly interesting because the professor talks a lot about economic problems in the U.S. But today, he showed us how to make a graph. I’m not talking about functions and relationships. No… Today’s lecture was basically: “This is the x-axis or the horizontal axis. This is the y-axis, also known as the vertical axis. Where the two lines meet is commonly referred to as the origin.” Damn, 6th grade flashback. I was utterly surprised when people all around me were taking notes and asking questions. Other than that, micro is pretty neat. Fencing is also really interesting. After donning the white uniforms and the mesh face mask, I always feel a small amount of excitement. It’s too bad we won’t be able to hold a foil for weeks. Today was all about footwork. Advancing, retreating, extensions, and lunges… I think practicing Taekwondo gave me a bit of a head start.

Before this first week of classes was spring break of course. It’s already pretty blurry in my mind. I don’t remember what I did on Monday or Tuesday. Wednesday I took a trip to UC Berkeley to visit some friends. It’s a really nice campus, though what ruined the trip for me was the heat. I skipped a picnic with some close friends on Friday. Sometime after that, I helped a friend buy a mattress and installed it into his new house. We also fixed the garage. Saturday was a trip to Milpitas for some dim sum and a visit. Sunday was… nothing.

It’s weird. Lately I’ve been growing more distant with my really close friends, but I end up spending more time with newer people. Even the close ones who go to De Anza I hardly ever see around, or even desire on hanging out with them. It’s pretty sad, but I guess my different lives aren’t meant to interact.

Finals week was pretty fun. Yet again it was because of people I’ve only known for several weeks. On Monday I studied with a bunch of people in my English class over some burgers and shakes. On Wednesday, I studied with a really nice girl for chemistry. We ended up staying past Barnes and Noble’s closing time, so we had to relocate to a friend’s house. We talked, laughed, and worked, not finishing until 11 at night. I’ve never had so much fun studying for a final in my life. I guess in the end, it’s those countless people that come and go, who’s names I forget but who’s faces are seared in my eyes, that I have to thank for not making college life a drag.

And there’s a piece of my life from two weeks ago to today. Would you like to live it?


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  1. teriyakifan says:

    It’s pretty cool how you get to hang out with your classmates 😉 When you’re a science major and have 400 people in your classes, that’s hard to come by xD And dude… fencing sounds cool too =P

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