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Long overdue

I now take precious time from a chemistry lab report and, therefore, time from sleep to give a belated thanks to everybody who made



You’re all worth the few minutes 😀 Thanks for putting up with the private posts, the ubiquitous rants, and the random deviations/meanderings I tend to wander on. Actually, that’s what this entire blog seemed to have degraded into, but nevertheless I had fun and it’s still an important part of this young adult’s life. Even though odds are low that the majority of viewers will see this post, considering they’re one time visitors, I could hardly care less. I don’t plan to cease and desist in the near future; it’s become a habit to keep on typing at least once a week hopefully.

Anyways, what also prompted me to make this post is the three pronged disaster on Japan. It doesn’t seem like a faraway tragedy anymore since I have a cousin who’s currently waiting for a flight out of Tokyo to her homeland of Australia. If all goes well, she’ll leave the ground on Friday, finally finished with the vacation that she’s saved for over a year on. As I’m typing this, hundreds of Japanese are evacuating Tokyo due to fear of radiation while rescue workers fight snow and bitter cold to keep searching. I ask anyone who reads this to pray for my cousin and the rest of Japan. Don’t any of my friends dare mock me or my religion at this moment.

I’m no fan of Lady Gaga, but here’s a link to donate to this disaster. Nonperishable food, water, and potassium iodide tablets are apparently running low, so every bit helps. I’m actually going to do it myself once this hectic week is finally over.


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