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Cheapest lunch ever

A loooooooong baguette, plus some cheese, olive oil, or butter from home will cost no more than $4.oo. It’s really filling and satisfying and I feel hella European! Plus it’s such an amazingly simple meal. You could totally put all of that in a picnic basket and drive to a park. Maybe grab a textbook. Some pencil and paper. Maybe do some calculus. That’d at least be less distracting than at the library where people don’t understand the simple concept of “Shh!”

When it stops raining, I’m going to do just that. And on that note, better enjoy the rain while it lasts. They come so few in between.

As a friend once put it,”<movie announcer voice> Bao’s got a date…….WITH DESTINY. </movie announcer voice>”

Who the fuck is destiny? I hope she’s hot.


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