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Damn damn damn!

“Hurry up! Wait! FUCK! Shh!” I quickly knelt. I raised my fist in the air, making a 90 degree angle with my arm. The two people behind me also knelt. With my heart racing and my breathing fast and heavy, I slowly walked towards the corner, finger on the trigger. Slowly closed my eyes, inhaled, a long exhale… opened my eyes, and went around the corner, P90 level. No one.

“Okay, go!” I whispered and we went forward into the dark night. We ran in single file, spaced five meters apart, me in front, Xi in the middle, and Helen covering the rear. A cool ocean breeze made me shiver and the bright moon offered a surprisingly small amount of light. We stopped and knelt before another corner.

“Shit! Contact,” Xi whispered.

“Where?” I asked. I waited, but my teammate didn’t respond. “Where is he?” Nothing. “Dammit, Xi! Where–”

“Oh God…” whispered Helen.

I turned around to find my best friend pinned to a wall, dripping blood. Shit. Protruding from his legs and neck were silver shurikens. And buried in his chest was a katana. I didn’t have the guts to look at his face. He was dead.

“Um, okay. Let’s… shit. Let’s… keep going,” I whispered. I had one last fleeting glimpse of my friend and the two of us pushed on. We continued walking through the deafening silence. Theories rushed through my mind at the speed of light. What happened? Was there a reason why the assassin picked Xi and not us? Was that katana thrown or did someone get within a few feet of us to make that kill? Do people even throw katanas?!

We rounded another corner. On top of a stack of shipping containers was a silhouette. It stood there, still as a statue, with folded arms and long hair flowing in the ocean wind.

“Is that our target?” Helen whispered.

I pointed my gun at the figure. I couldn’t tell. But what if that was? What the fuck am I supposed to do!? This was a covert insertion; you can’t just yell out and ask the person whether he or she is trying to kill you… Wait… am I out of my mind? I slowly moved my trigger finger and switched to the semiautomatic setting. Better to be safe than sorry… so I was going to snipe the bitch. She was about 100 meters away… well within my effective range. Another icy breeze traveled across the landscape. With the red dot placed on the target, I exhaled and squeezed. My gun let loose a single round.

“Fuck did you see that?!” asked Helen. The silhouette vanished.

“I can’t tell if I got a hit. This is fucking insane…”

“What are we going to do?”

“We keep moving…” I murmured. “Keep two meters of spacing between us. I’ll cover the rear. Copy?” I flicked the selector switch on my gun and changed its mode to automatic.

“Copy th–” But then I heard a loud splatter as Helen suddenly gave out a sharp and painful gasp. I whirled around to find the sharp end of a katana protruding from her chest, skewering her. Helen’s limp body lifted in the air as my target raised her katana. Then with a simple horizontal swipe with her blade, my friend’s lifeless corpse was tossed aside, her firearm hitting the ground with a clatter.

My target played her evil villain role well. She stared right into my eyes, wearing a malicious smile. She didn’t utter a single word. In a swift motion, I raised my P90.  And with a flick of my target’s wrist, miniature knives appeared in her hand. She poised to throw…

Dumb bitch brought knives to a gunfight! My finger depressed the trigger and my gun raged, pouring out 5.7 x 28mm armor piercing rounds downrange at 2300 feet per second. Astonished, I lowered my gun and looked at the empty space I was firing at. I suddenly gasped as a knife painfully grazed my arm. That came from my left! I turned as another knife glanced my helmet. That came from my right! I fired a burst to the right. No one. Red began to soak my uniform from where the knife slashed my arm. Not knowing what I was supposed to do, I ran towards Helen’s body. Sure enough, her P90 laid beside her in a pool of its owner’s blood. I looked around me. No one. I bent to grab my friend’s gun.


“Fuck!” I yelled and looked frantically looked around. There was nothing. It sounded like someone gave one of those shipping containers a powerful kick. Fucking… She’s playing mind games now. I reached for Helen’s P90. It wasn’t there anymore. And neither was Helen.

…okay, it’s taking too long to keep blogging about this nightmare. I’ll do part two another time…


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