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It never ceases to amaze me

On the right hand column of this blog is a section labeled, “Number of views.” Beneath that number of views are the statistical details. Honestly, I can spend hours just looking at it. I think I will forever love Audrey for showing me this nifty application. I think it’s nothing short of spectacular how someone from Hayward or Oakland, California stumbles on this blog… followed by someone else from Perth, Australia, then followed by someone hailing from Zepce, Bosnia and Herzegovina, then followed by someone from my current hometown. Isn’t it amazing how it’s possible to communicate to strangers thousands of miles away?

Well, alright. Every two to three weeks or so on my way to or from classes, I exclaim to myself, “Holy shit! I can drive!” It’s been two years since I’ve received my California Driver’s License. The point I’m trying to make is that I’m easily amazed by the littlest things. I don’t hate that about myself; it makes it harder to take things for granted.

Do you realize that at any given time, thousands of people are celebrating their 50th anniversary? At any given time there is a drop dead gorgeous sunset, a future world leader or Nobel prize scientist learning how to count from one to ten, some hot chick out there looking for me…. =P How do these things not leave any impressions on people? Alright fine. Fucking laugh at me if you want. You will never take this away from me. I like thinking this way. I like it when the world is a big place. I like it when there is still a bit of wonder I can find in my bland and conventional existence. I don’t know why, but usually people I meet always try to rob me of this. They try to change me or “expose” me to the “real” world. Are they saying that I need to grow up? Do they just want to play a tour guide? What’s wrong with my current way of how I view the world?


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