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I hate you mom

With nothing to write about for such a long time, it’s a damn shame that my this entry that brings me out of my drought is a small rant. It was the crappiest feeling in the world when my mom yelled at me for not having a job. Your younger cousin just got a fucking job. Why don’t you get one as well so you can be more useful around the damned house?

Well, I’m very sorry. I really am because I want a job as well. But with an advanced math class, an advanced physics class, an advanced English class, and a chemistry class (21 units) … along with six hours of lab a per week… along with eight hours of taekwondo per week… and a piano lesson every Friday, I think that it’s extremely unfair of her to ask me to nab a job. Who would even hire me with the little amount of free time I have? The only way this would be possible would be for me to work graveyard shifts, meaning that I would be working anywhere from 12 a.m. through 5 or 6 a.m. Than I’d have math homework to do, physics exams to study for, science labs, essays, fucking taekwondo in the evenings… does she not see the FUCKING pattern?

It’s not like I don’t want a job; I would love to be able to pay for my own textbooks and supplies (you guys know how I am about depending on people). But at this rate, I’m pretty sure adding a full time job to my work week will literally land me in the hospital. Actually, that would be pretty cool.

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