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A quick resolution

A short time ago, I’ve been having some trouble. But today, I caught myself walking with some friends. We just came out of a “study” session from the campus library. As we walked off into the sunset, I kind of had a side view of the group. There were Saurav, Kevin, Nam, and Anh (someone from De Anza). The dying rays of the sun brought on a striking contrast from the golden images I kept in my brain of my Evergreen friends on a drive.

In this particular memory that happened only hours ago, I realized that… this… is where I belong. Even though I was in Cupertino, Evergreen finally felt like home and images of everyone I’ve ever met in Evergreen sort of played in my mind.

I totally love all of you 😀

And no homo if you’re a guy.

Oh, and speaking of homo, I saw Kevin taking it from behind in the study room today. (Nam was behind Kevin) It was surprisingly rhythmic that you could’ve set a metronome to it.


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