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Damn I am pissed! I want to rant. But all of the things I want to rant about kind of want to present themselves at the same time, so it’s like a hundred people trying to squeeze through the door of my front house at the same time. Everything is stuck. I just want it all to come out! I want to DO something. And at the same time, I want it done.

My writing exponentially decays when I am pissed. Not knowing why I’m pissed doesn’t do anything to… alleviate. I don’t feel like going to bed because it would be the opposite of accomplishing something. This is even though my eyelids are heavy and I’m yawning every minute. Knowing why I feel like this would be great. I would appreciate any help from anyone.

Have you ever been unreasonably pissed for no reason? (Having a period counts as a reason) Please leave a comment or something. This blog could use more comments I suppose.



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