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New Years Resolutions

Hmm. Haha, well I’m not as perfect as Calvin thinks he is. But at the moment, I’m in a position where I’m attempting to figure out what I have to change about myself. The first thing that comes to mind is changing the way I think. But trying to alter a set way of thinking seems futile at the moment. And even though my trains of thought could be harsh ever so often, it almost seems pointless considering I’ve thought that way for nearly a fifth of my life.
…oh! I got it! (The rest was written a day after the first paragraph was completed, so I’ve had time to think)
2011 resolution one will be a clean slate for high school and college girls. I’m often pretty cynical about them (or “you guys,” if it’s a girl reading this post), but I will start tomorrow with a score of zero. Well in my defense, I’ve been hurt pretty badly before. So many of them are exceptionally mean and cruel hearted. Not just some of the ones I’ve met, but as I walk around a mall or a park.
Anyways, every time something happens, either to me or the people around me, the score will go up or down by ten points at most. Hell, I’ll even record it somewhere. I think I’ll exclude close friends since I’m sure to be biased. Well, I’ll see where it’s at by the end of the year!
2011 resolution two will be to get my black belt in Tae Kwon Do. I’m currently a black belt candidate and my next promotion test will determine it all.
2011 resolution three will be to maintain this blog in the interest of keeping up with my skills as a writer and also to continue to get to know myself better. It’ll be a sad day when I revisit this blog sometime in the future and wish I could write like how I did before.
2011 resolution four will be to make new acquaintances (and hopefully friends) in all of my classes. That seems like a tall order, but it’s definitely doable.
2011 resoution five will be to clean up my bedroom and keep it clean for an entire month. I’ll admit if that’s accomplished, it would be a personal record.
…five seems like a nice number to stop at. Plus I wouldn’t be able to accomplish all of them if I gave my self too much anyways.

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