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Happy 2011

I’m at a loss for words. I just don’t have anything to say. Happy birthday to my blog!

Actually, there are plenty of things that come to my mind about what I want to write about. But now isn’t the time; there will be all of next year, and the year after that, for some fun writing. For now, you’ll find my writing very… lacking. I don’t want to go into much detail, because I’m finding the last days of my breaks to be very lazy.

All I can say is that… I’ve had a very Japanese new year. I went to San Francisco on the 30th, 31st, and the 1st of January. I stayed at a hotel called Hotel Nikko San Francisco where all of the brochures had Japanese characters underneath the more familiar English. I spent two days in Japantown with Van. Interestingly enough, I also saw Michelle and her gang over there as well. It took me by surprise and I didn’t really know what to say… so I probably came off as shy and quiet to her friends. I’m really not; so many things I could’ve asked her. I wish we could’ve caught up instead of spending like a minute just saying hi and talking about how we haven’t seen each other since graduation. I haven’t had a case of the l’esprit de l’escalier since high school. Well, I’ll see you around Michelle!

Anyways, happy 2011 everyone! As usual, this is when I clean up my drafts and post unfinished entries for myself… and everyone else to see. I want to see how much my writing style has change throughout this year. I’d do it now, but my internet is going at the speed of light… when it’s trapped past the event horizon of a blackhole. Haha…. first lame joke of the year! At least astronomers will get it!

Happy 2011 guys. Have a blast!


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