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Watch my writing drift. It’s difficult for me to stay on subject.

I’ve heard many rules of thumbs for having a good blog. One of them is to dedicate your writing to someone. It could be a friend, one of your readers, a famous person… it shouldn’t matter. Just write for him or her and assume that they actually read it. I’ve tried this method once and it worked, although how I did it probably wasn’t what it was intended for in the first place. Yes, I wrote for someone. I hoped that they would read it. But in it was sorrow, hatred, jealousy… a classic Pandora’s box. And from somewhere else, I’ve recalled that the only weapon stronger than a nuclear weapon (besides a fucking Star Destroyer) are words; you can utterly destroy someone with them. More than that, words alone have aroused entire countries to dedicate their entire resources for a cause, be it a World War II holocaust or sending three astronauts 239,000 miles away to the moon.

So I looked over that post and was in awe at how much better my writing became. And I was sure the person the post was intended for did read my blog on random occasions. But it didn’t seem worth it. Still, that post was the most beautiful and amazing piece of weaponry I have ever made. So it was published. It lasted about a day before I decided to take it down. The next day, I put it back up with a password protected lock.

I’ve learned how to craft and hone. Now I’ve learned about restraint. I thought about employing this method from now on, but towards less nefarious purposes. Maybe for fun. So I wrote something that I thought might have made someone a little bit jealous. And it worked! They even left a comment saying that they were jealous. I was utterly amazed. (The story was true by the way)

Another way I’ve becoming the blogger I was today was that I read… a lot. I’m always a bit proud when someone thinks my vocabulary is crazy or that my sentence structure contains more variety than trail mix. I don’t know how to accept these compliments. Do I say, “Yeah, thanks! I’ve been working towards this goal for awhile!” Or do I say, “Psh, it’s really nothing.” Actually, I know that in Japanese culture, it’s rude to use the first option and gracious to use the second. It’s kind of odd how the best way to accept a compliment is to deny it or insult yourself. Well, there’s one tidbit you should take with you to the Land of the Rising Sun if you ever do visit. The first option makes you sound arrogant.

So I always say, “Psh, it’s really nothing.” I just… read.

Guess that’s all for now. And a small side note: I didn’t think of anyone specifically while writing this.

…and Eddie has until the end of this week to post something before I take his name off.

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