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It’s time for me to think smaller

When was the last time I went to the cafe, got a warm drink, and just read a book? When did you? As for me, the answer is “too long ago to recall.” Tomorrow’s forecast predicts a good chance of rainfall. A storm even. I think I’ll head to Starbucks tomorrow, order a scalding white mocha, sit in a soft chair, and immerse myself in the world of fantasy. Come to think of it, I don’t remember the last time I read anything that wasn’t a textbook or newspaper or something that came from the screen of my laptop. Kind of sad, huh?

So this will be the promise I make to myself tomorrow. Buy a legit breakfast… something that isn’t from McDonald’s. A chocolate croissant sounds like heaven at the moment, or maybe I’m just hungry. Hmm. Yeah, how the hell is it that I always get a bad case of the munchies when 11 pm strikes?

Yeah, I think I’m out of touch with the little things. Lately I’ve been overly excited about plans that have spent several days in the works. The heroes of Zombieland would be appalled that a fellow human being has forgotten about enjoying the little things. When was the last time I sat at the park and did nothing?

I think I have tomorrow morning full 😀

And I hope this serves as a reminder for you to enjoy the little things if you haven’t already.


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