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Alright, alright!

It’s officially winter break for me! Which could either mean a lot of blogging or barely any at all. Huh… kind of like that all the time now isn’t it? But winter break this time is going to be anything but dull.

This week, I’m on call for jury duty. They finally found me after three years. I actually can’t wait to go, although I wish jury duty would’ve come at a more opportune time. Winter break is precious to me, especially this one. This year would be our first secret Santa. We’ve already met to draw names. We’re going to meet once to window shop. And we’ll meet once more to exchange gifts.

I’m also going to be visiting friends who are pretty far away… from out of town at least. This is actually the first time I’ve been able to do that!

Christmas caroling at Christmas in the Park is going to be on Saturday. I always go, but last year I just hung out with a close knit group of friends and we didn’t sing… at all actually. And it’ll probably be the same case this year as well. So it’s Christmas in the Park on Saturday!

Hmm, these are actually the only plans I see in my winter break future.

Oh damn, I’ve ranted and ranted but didn’t really stop to ask how you’re doing!

So how are you??

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