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Elixir of memories

Do you have a drink that reminds you of something, someone, some time? For me, a nice cup of coffee reminds me of everything. Of course, my mind wouldn’t be able to comprehend every single strand of memory that my mind generates simultaneously. But that’s the amazing part. It seems to generate a random memory at a time.

So each sip of a steaming cup of coffee will remind me of someone or something that’s happened if I consciously tried. My first calculus teacher, a friend, a family member… Christmas caroling, a dark rainy night while in a cafe, a Scrubs episode. I think it’s pretty neat.

…I think winter break is starting to pick up speed. It seemed excruciatingly slow about a few weeks ago. Now that finals are approaching, the break is coming faster than you can say, “Fuck, physics final on Friday.” I’ll be the happiest kid on the block if I nail that. After finals would be a day of airsofting, followed by a week of jury duty, which during that time is a night out with some of my friends from Cupertino, a day of caroling, a day of exchanging gifts, a night out with some friends from Fremont… I love how busy the holidays are. It contrasts with the long and empty gaps of sheer vacuum I experience during summer. I just hope I can enjoy it without the guilt and doubt of whether or not I passed my finals.

Going to study now.



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