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Here we go again…

Let’s talk about something funny and different, as this is my attempt to rectify the shallow and unsatisfying course this blog seems to be heading on… assuming my original direction was on the bulls-eye in the first place.

Midterms and finals. Yes, absolutely friggin hilarious! As due dates creep closer, I find myself having the time of my life with some friends I haven’t seen in awhile. Physics and essays drifted to the dusty corners of my mind as I walked around the mall at two in the morning doing black Friday shopping. Black Friday was actually a letdown. It’s not as if I couldn’t find any deals; I wasn’t looking for anything in particular in the first place. I went for the experience since this is my very first Black Friday. I expected long hours of waiting in line and super crowded electronics stores and maybe getting trampled by a stampede of insane shoppers. Marcus, Nam, and I reached a Walmart at 11:45, then found out that it would open at 5.

So in the end, we went to Eastridge and looked at games. This was actually during Thanksgiving. It was surreal, hanging out at the mall at 2 in the morning, playing cards, buying tea… I already miss it. Oh by the way, the hurricane simulator they have isn’t worth the two dollars.

So much happened this Thanksgiving break that I’d need yet another post to do it justice, so I think I’ll talk about something else for now.

…physics. Ah damn, it’s the first thing on my mind. The midterm is this Tuesday. Yeah, science isn’t my best subject out there… I don’t know if I even have a best subject anymore. Anyways, my one on one tutor has been pretty helpful so far even if she doesn’t get all the right answers =P I also have an essay due on December 1st. Jury duty starts the week after finals, but hopefully it’ll be quick. I’m pretty excited about jury duty, but for me it came at the most inopportune moment: a precious winter vacation.


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