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Oh what a Christmas to have the blues…

So 96.5 KOIT is playing Christmas music again. Must be that time of year!

But honestly, although Christmas music excites me a lot, it also depresses me. So many of its songs make me feel utterly alone. All of these people talk about how snowy it is outside and how warm it is inside with their dear. Hmm… too bad.

I run the risk of sounding like a total girl here (not that I’m a sexist or anything, but I’m a guy =P), but I can’t wait to get married. I’d think the most exciting part would be the first Christmas alone with your lover. So many possibilities!!! And you’ll only have so much of those before you start having kids and all. Anyways, this feeling comes every time around this time of year and wears off around… say mid-January. I really hope it won’t become a habit whenever a Christmas jingle comes on or whenever I see a decorated Christmas tree around. Curse you Pavlov!

I want that empty feeling in my chest to go away!


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