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To our veterans and our future veterans.

Hey guys. Sorry I haven’t blogged recently, but I’ve just been pretty tired… and a little sick. This is just a quick post in dedication to our women and men in uniform who risk their lives every day so we unsatisfied Americans can bitch and bitch about our crappy government.

What’s even more messed up is us bitching at our very protectors. I never understood that. Do people realize this? They’re out there in the heat with extremely heavy gear and weapon putting their lives on the line so that the people back home have the right to hate on them. This is why I’ve never really liked anti-war protesters. You want to protest? Protest against the war, not against our soldiers, as I’ve seen many people do.

That’s my short rant for now. So thank you, U.S. troops, for protecting the very idea of democracy. More importantly, thank you for giving me a day off so I can sleep my sleep deprivation away… no wait. Here’s something else I could rant about if I so chose. My college gave me Friday to take the day off. But I’d say 80% of the student body there don’t even have Friday classes… including me.

Anyways, cheers. And you guys have my support =D


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3 Responses

  1. cutelilgaara says:

    Maybe they’re protesting about the instances in which the soldiers are abusing the people overseas.

  2. Bao Pham says:

    Alright, I see your point.

    But those few that do abuse people shouldn't end up being the face of the U.S. military. People who have done that ended up facing a court martial back home. Why must we associate those few people with ALL of our people in uniform?

    It’s like… EVHS becomes represented by those people that burned the Swastika on the grass area. 0_o

  3. cutelilgaara says:

    Well… I’m not saying it’s right, but it’s like how a lot of people associate any one religion with the extremists of their group. Or culture, or any kind of stereotype out there.

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