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It’s been a bad week for blogging. It’s been incredibly busy, yet there’s nothing out of the ordinary or interesting for me to blog about.

Basically just here to let the world know that I’m still alive.

I don’t like putting up… filler posts. I guess I’ll call them that. Filler posts are just posts that people would just put up to waste space… to give something to read.

There are a lot of things I want to do, or at least start on. One of them is where we write a chapter of a story, than pass it on to the next person who will write the next chapter and pass it on… and on. I was pretty psyched for it to start and I spent several days wondering when someone will do it. Than I realized that the entire thing was my idea and that’s what probably everyone is thinking towards me.

So far I have several friends in on it who are also, by the way, fellow bloggers and they’re all on the sidebar. I’ve got Eddie, Marcus, Teresa, Michelle, and myself. The tricky thing about this is that there’s no plot to follow. There isn’t a specific genre we’re aiming for. It seems potentially chaotic to me. That’s what makes me excited for it however. There’s basically no limitations to what we can write about. We can have it make no sense whatsoever. It can be a weird combination of erotica, science fiction, and adventure for all any of us cares!

The only real things that have to be decided is how long each of us has to write a chapter and how long we want our story to be. We could each do one chapter and see how it goes… or we could make it a never ending story… where it’ll be like a crazy manga with several hundred chapters worth of writing. Daamn.

We also have to decide where to post this story… or if we’ll keep it to ourselves.

So yeah guys. Someone should take the initiative and write the first chapter. If not, I suppose I’d be fine with being the first one writing it. Make up your minds.



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