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9 lives (like a cat!)

Alright, so I don’t really have nine lives. I have around five. As the week progresses, I live several of them, one at a time. We all live more than one life.

If you think about it, one group of friends is like one life. You might act differently around them than compared to a different group. You could be a whole other person. But you’re still… you. You don’t usually talk to a group of friends about another group. For some reason, I think that’s kind of taboo. Each group has their own inside jokes, their own sense of humor… their own way of thinking. It requires you to be different in order to fit in. Everything is so contrasting if you compare the groups of friends, so it’s like you’re living another life because there’s a very small number of similarities.

At least, that’s how I view things. It makes it sound kind of exciting don’t you think? It’s all pretty interesting when two different worlds collide. Maybe you’re hanging out with a group at Santana Row and some people from your other group says “YO!” Then you introduce each other… and maybe they can interact, or maybe not. For example, my friends from Evergreen can be very cold towards other people. My friends from Fremont can be very accepting and social… most of the time. One group of friends from De Anza are friendly, but can seem self absorbed at first glance.

The fourth life I lead is a pretty lonely one. Maybe I’ve got two or three others to study with from time to time… but nevertheless…¬†countless hours at the library, countless hours with a textbook… I’ve slowly begun to find out that I don’t need company to function. Sometimes I find the thought of being alone welcoming and I dread leaving it a lot.

And if I wanted to start anew, it’s not too difficult to make friends at a place like De Anza. It’s only the third meeting at our club, but I think I’ve already started to bond with people. We share jokes, laugh together, do things… yes, it’s quite refreshing, my fifth life. I guess I wanted to see how I would do when I begin from scratch. I had a hard time picking a club because I needed a place where I knew absolutely no one. I’m glad I made the choice =D It’s a small club, so hopefully I can form meaningful relationships with these people.

Ah damn, I wanted to put forth an interesting idea, but I think it’s been diluted by too many examples. Plus the fifth life I’m going through isn’t really considered one since I’m in it for about an hour a week haha.


Oh, and I encourage you to count the number of lives you’re leading =P. And think about it… are you happy with that number? Is it shallow to have too many friends? That’s what I thought at first, because I found it like the epitome of the popular high school kid that have a bunch of superficial relationships with everyone else. The more I meet people, the more I’m convinced that I was wrong. Conversely, are you considered too “closed off” for having a small group? I’m still quite confused, but I’m sure I’d be fine with either way. I prefer having a lot of friends though, since I can still have fun even if one group DITCHES me (twice!) in the cold (both times in the cold).


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