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Last heroes

January 30th, 2017.

Agent Delta. That reckless fool. He looked for trouble. He found it. Last time he radioed in, he was crouched behind a rock on a desert half a world away… a rock that was being slowly chiseled away by bullets into nonexistence. His ammo was nearly depleted. He was what you call a lone wolf, acting on his own, then fading into the shadows. But that didn’t go according to plan.

Terrorists. They were all over the damn place. Superfreak, Thunder, and I flew towards them at four times the speed of sound. When we arrived… damn. The sheer amount of gunfire from their automatic weapons was deafening and shockingly bright. Streams of them whistled past our plane. I decreased my speed until we were hovering, barely dodging a well aimed RPG. The rear of the plane opened. The pings from the bullets bouncing off the plane was irritating.

“Bring us closer!” yelled Thunder over the loud noise.

“I copy! Commencing suppressive fire,” I replied through the intercom. My guns opened up. Four angelic, kick ass gattling guns spun to life, popped out of the plane, and delivered 6000 rounds of burning pain per minute… per gun. The carnage was epic.

“Alright, clear! Rotating… 180 degrees!” I gave the plane full right rudder and she responded smartly. The back of the plane faced what’s left of the terrorists. But there were more. And the volume of gunfire seemed to increase.

“Dammit Lanner!” Superfreak yelled. “You can’t fucking aim and you call yourself the pilot!”

“It’s alright!” Thunder replied. “Superfreak! C.C.!” (Short for Combo-cannon)

“Don’t have to tell me twice!”

The enormous two ton behemoth jumped on Thunder’s arm… and she flung him faster than the speed of sound. He impacted with the Earth with an ear shattering boom, dispersing the terrorists and causing some nearby ruins to collapse. The giant stood up and lumbered towards Agent Delta’s hiding spot. Tracers flew all over, but the bullets had no effect on his hardened skin.

“You okay Delta?”

“Hey Superfreak!”

“Quiet!” he replied. He looked around. No blood. No bodies.

Everything suddenly was gone. I landed our plane and grabbed a gun from a closet. Thunder and I walked out into the blazing desert heat.

“Don’t tell me what we were shooting at were… illusions?” I asked.

“Indeed!!” That creepy, maniacal voice emanated from a nearby cave.

“I’d know that voice from anywhere,” sighed Agent Delta.




Based on order of appearance…

Agent Delta: Nam Nguyen

Lanner: Bao Pham

Thunder: Teresa Nguyen

Superfreak: Martin Nguyen

Marcus: Marcus Tu

Well, that’s enough for now. I should definitely be heading to bed.

(Edit: In retrospect, this post could’ve been much better if I hadn’t done it on the fly. I’m too lazy to make major edits though, so it’ll just have to stand on its own.)

I tried tailoring this post in a way that the language and imagery suggests that it came from a comic book or a Hollywood action movie… or some odd fusion of both.


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