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A Conglomeration of Ideas

As we look at ourselves in the next several years and reflect upon the experiences that we have undergone, it’s not unnatural to realize that the sum of all of our achievements and our understanding in our unique disciplines are closely related to one another.

Let me explain.

While we all may be majoring in neurobiology, literature, or engineering, it is always true that there is some kind of an overlap between all of the disciplines (more so with the sciences). Something that seems entirely unrelated to mathematics is closer to it than one may think. Take philosophy. Philosophy is heavily centered on reasoning and logic which is strongly correlated with mathematics.

Nobody denies the influence and prevalence of mathematics in many of the major disciplines, especially engineering. Nobodies denies the tremendous contributions chemistry has to biological research.

What is true nowadays is that our specializations are growing ever more closely together and more quickly than we have come to realize. The modern engineer must now be adaptable and be ready to learn new trades and skills if that engineer wants to remain in the workforce. The research scientist must be ready to adopt new techniques from different disciplines in order to advance his own research and the ordinary bank teller must still need strong managerial skills and effective communication in order to advance up the ladder.

In an age where the changing workforce conditions require more than simply skilled specialists, the new entrants into the labor force must be ready to adopt a variety of related skills in order to make themselves more marketable. An extremely studious student may not have the effective communication skills necessary in order to advance any higher in a company.

However, there are always exceptions in any situation. Suppose that the doctor is content with helping treat patients without any regard to advancing his own position in a company. There is no need or any form of desire to improve one’s own standing.

Regardless, to be more effective in the ever-changing moments of life, the individual must be prepared to adopt and adapt the many ideas and skills needed to make one’s work more effective.

Alas, I have wasted too much time in my neurobiology class. I should go back to paying attention to the lecture 🙂



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