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Busy busy life

I already finished one of my personal statements for UC applications. The funny thing is that I might not even apply at all this year. But that all depends on how my TAG turns out. And… maybe not. I still may just apply… what the hell? I can’t wait to leave my house.

I really want to post my personal statement up here, but what if someone takes it from me!?

I also did a lot for my car. I had the brake pads changed, new sensors, new discs… just wow. I also had to get a smog check and then renew the registration. This took me around three days.

I’m slightly ahead of schedule on calculus homework. Done with about 70% of it and it isn’t due until Tuesday. I have to submit a final draft on my essay by tomorrow… everything is nearly done and I’ll print on campus tomorrow. As for physics, we just had a quiz in which I was ashamed of my performance… but at least I got 100% on the first lab.

Club day is on October 7th. I’m looking towards joining the engineering club plus one more that does plenty of community service.

I’m also attending taekwondo practice about four days a week now. Plus I have piano lessons every Friday and I’m learning a pretty advanced solo. It’s beautiful though.

Yes… this is a recipe for disaster.

My new combat flight simulator is also showing me a rather ugly side of it. I can’t help but think back to one of the quotes a guy gave me one one of the forums: “I know this is a lot of work, but you wanted real and you got real.” Nobody’s gonna hold your fucking hand right? Nevertheless, the degree of realism and complexity makes it difficult to breathe.

I also had a lesson on enemy tactics… what they do that will inevitably kill you. It’s just a game, but it still scares the crap out of me! The enemy is really organized and its brains are so far back behind enemy territory and anti-air assets… they’re so methodical! It makes me think… there are literally hundreds of air, land, and naval units working in conjunction with each other… and you’re just there in a tiny ass fighter flying into the thick of it… it’s fucking madness. How can I even expect to make a difference?

It’s sort of like playing a real time strategy game. But I’m not god. I’m a single unit out of hundreds. Yes, literally hundreds. When this game meant realism, it doesn’t pull any punches.

I’m almost finished with the familiarization of all of my air to ground weapons. After this remains pages and pages of information on aerial refueling, tactics, enemy tactics, maps, radio frequencies… The more days pass when I’m in college, the less time I’m able to spend on this.

I’ve also temporarily shelved some social projects, such as a Secret Santa event and an entire day with some friends that will require reservations at a restaurant and some slight planning around that. I also have to clean and vacuum my room.

This is more of a rant or a summary then some post that I try to be artistic with. But I hope everyone appreciates how busy I am (especially with my hardcore flight simulator!!!).

Actually, this helped me a lot. It helped me clarify a lot of tasks I have to accomplish and sets a clear course in my life for now.



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  1. teriyakifan says:

    Wow… you ARE pretty busy. Well I hope you don’t get too overwhelmed! 😉 And you can always post your personal statements as private, and e-mail people with the password that you want it to read. Or something like that =P

  2. Bao Pham says:

    Haha. Thanks for your sympathy =D

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