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My fail

My sleek F-16C fighter, armed to the teeth, roared gracefully along the coast as it patrolled the border. All seemed quite normal. Suddenly a rapid succession of beeps rang inside the cockpit. Alarmed, I scanned my radar, saw the bandits, and ran over my notes on how to lock on.

1. FCR shown in left MFD, OSB1 above CRM, press to select ACM Master Mode. SHIT! Where’s OSB1?!!?! WHAT is OSB1?What the fuck do I do? What the– oh here it is! YES!

I thanked my lucky stars as I found and clicked that extremely obscure grey square button that looked like many of the… other… grey square buttons. My left MFD (basically a screen displaying radar information at the moment) changed to a different mode. Crap, they’re getting closer. What was step 2 again?

2. 1st ACM submode is 30×20 HUD scan mode. NO RAD until submode selected.

3. Enter 1st submode, 30×20 HUD. VMS will call “Lock.”

Wtf is this gibberish!? Okay, stay calm man. Soo, I’m in 1st submode. No… wait, no I’m not…? WAIT! YES! I’M IN!

And lo and behold, the female voice in the cockpit called “Lock,” and I saw a square light up, highlighting the enemy aircraft. But it was for less than a second as the fighter flew past me and the computer lost it’s lock on the enemy. DAMMIT! I turned my F-16 ninety degrees, until it was literally standing on its wing, as I turned hard to try to get behind the plane. I glanced at my notes.

Note: Vertical Scan ACM submode is 10×60. (Radar sweeps ten degrees horizontally and sixty degrees vertically).

So it scans vertically, but I’m vertical right now, soo it would technically scan horizontally… and highlight the enemy again. SWEET! Okaaay, that would be useful if I KNEW how to get to it!

“Warning! Warning! Missile lock! Counter! Counter!”


Exits program.

That was my first aerial encounter with enemy fighters on Falcon 4.0 Allied Force. Haha, I miss I normal games where I saw a plane and simply let loose instead of switching through a thousand radar functions. It’s like… learning how to operate an extremely complicated Ti-84 graphing calculator… while getting shot at =P


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