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I know it’s a little early

Perhaps it’s because it’s been colder than usual or it’s beginning to get dark after eight. Whatever the reason may be, I’m starting to feel the holiday feeling in the air! Normally I consider the holiday season to have started when I see the first Thanksgiving commercial or the upcoming Christmas deals… haha I feel incredibly materialistic as I typed that out. At least I’m free from that this year.

I absolutely can’t wait for the plans for the holiday. The lights at Santana Row are absolutely incredible… bit romantic as well. Are you reading this Sumin? You too Xi! Xi and I promised to spend a day with each other during winter break eating ramen for lunch and Benihana’s for dinner (For those of you who don’t understand, this is a true story: my pen-pal from Hong Kong thought we were a gay couple because I talk about him a lot… and this went on for a few weeks before she finally asked). To sweep all bro-mance aside, we’ll probably invite more people so it wouldn’t be just the two of us on a date.  Damn, he’d be mortified if he read this. There’s going to be Christmas in the Park, a grand tradition amongst our group of friends.

picture from (I hope they don't sue me for using this image)

Holy crap, it's the holiday armadillo!!!

This year, we’re also planning to do Secret Santa. It’ll be difficult finding a time to meet so we can draw all of our names from the hat or bucket… whatever we’re using. Anyways, I believe I’m the one planning the Secret Santa thing so you should AIM me if you want to participate.

I think I know what some of you are thinking. “Is this guy for real? It’s barely the middle of September!”

My response is, “Can’t stop a guy from dreaming!”


Oh right, it looks like I really am going to hike on Sunday, with or without company. I absolutely can’t fucking wait!!

(And right, for now I’m back to my usual cheerful self. I don’t know how long it’ll last but I’ll have as much as I can before I revert back.)


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