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That’s how I want to end this summer… because two weeks from now I will be returning to the bittersweet life of being a college student. I think nearly all of us have a love-hate relationship with the college life.

I really don’t know what I’ll do. Most likely, I’ll hike. Actually, yes, it sounds perfect. I kind of want to end my summer in the Hollywood style, stereotypical way… with a cheesy sunset. And there I’ll sit on the grass, watching the sun slowly drift beneath the horizon… pondering about the meaning of life… stuff. I’ll bring along a simple meal, probably a long baguette with some pâté and some water. Just thinking about it gets me really excited.

NO. No wait. I’ll bike. Yes. I shall bike. There’s a trail that leads from Silver Creek all the way to Gilroy.

The thing is hiking is fun with friends and with yourself. With biking… I would prefer company. So my plan is to bike if I have people with me. Else, I’m going to strap on my boots, grab my pack, and just hike.

I’ll tell you guys all about it. This post is more so I won’t forget that I have plans next Saturday, so it won’t be as long or as colorful.


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