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Friendship rule #7

7. Don’t take your close friendships for granted. You’ll feel pretty sorry when you lose it. But if you’ve done your best and taken that friendship as far as it could’ve gone… then I’d say that was a pretty fruitful relationship.

However, this one French poet would beg to differ.

“A friendship that can be ended didn’t ever start.” – Mellin de Saint Gellais.

Je suis désolé, Monsieur Mellin de Saint Gellais. I don’t believe that. I’ve met many people who I’ve grown close to over the years, then we slowly drift away. But then again, how can I know if those friendships have ever ended? If I contact them and invite them for coffee and we can pick off right where we left off without missing a beat, does that mean our friendship was never over? Or does that mean it’s been renewed?

But no matter what your opinion is, I’d say it’s difficult to contest the fact that our lives aren’t on the same tracks and we’ll always lose people at each fork in the road…

…which is why you should never take any one of your close friendships for granted.


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  1. What she says, What she Means, What he Thinks…

    I hope you don’t mind, but I found your site informative. It inspired me so I added a track back. =]…

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