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Let’s start with a walk

It’s hot and dry. Everything suddenly seems incredibly lazy; even the trees seemed too tired to sway with the breeze.

It was a bit like May 26, 2010.

It was a spectacular day for a walk. The sky was just the perfect shade of blue. There were clouds everywhere. Gorgeous. There didn’t seem to be anything wrong with the world on this 26th of May. A friend and I drove to her orthodontist for an appointment. Then, out of sheer spontaneity, we decided to take a walk. We drove to a random neighborhood up in the hills and parked.

This particular neighborhood reminded me of Europe. Not that I’ve been there before, but it reminded me of the Europes I’ve seen out of Hollywood films. The walkways were tight. They wove. The houses were so close to each other you could play the telephone game where you take two tin cans and attach them by string.

It was a load of fun just to get lost in these windy places.

“Wanna make a left or a right?”

“Umm, I dunno. Left looks sort of mysterious…”

“Then let’s go left!”

Sure the neighborhoods were sort of small. We tried our damned hardest to get lost. We saw fountains, palm trees, birds of paradise… it was pretty neat to have someone to enjoy it with. Kudos to the landscape architect(s) that made this place. Plus, it was quiet. The only reason the sound of silence wasn’t so haunting that day was because it was continuously punctuated by the sounds of our conversation, laughter, and the occasional muffled bark of a dog trapped in it’s owner’s house.

We also looked for house number “666,” for the hell of it… Come to think of it I’ve yet to ever seen a house with the devil’s number. Maybe it’s like how tall buildings don’t have a 13th floor. As a God-fearing Christian, God probably wanted to shield me from such a date with that place. My friend seemed a little disappointed, but kind of unsurprised, that we never found house number 666.

Defeated and resigned (by God!), the beast and I decided to recuperate at the park nearby. We got ourselves “un-lost” and hung out at the see-saw. We walked by a tower that seemed elegant from afar…

…but damned butt-ugly up close. The camera doesn’t really show it well.

After the see-saw, the day was over and I drove her back in time for dinner. Despite her being one of my closest friends, it’s an odd relationship we have considering that this was only our second or third outing on our own after… two or three years of knowing each other. If I had to describe her in three words, it’ll be “hell with a ( plus one more) pen.”

And thus, this exercise is over. And haha, I just realized how much I hate deadlines, especially the ones I set for myself.


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