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I wonder how long our blogs will last

I’ve asked this question many times with my friends, but not once have I mentioned this in the form of a post… at least not once I can remember. Then Michelle’s post reminded me and got me wondering: how long will we be blogging? For me it’s not looking good. Every week I struggle trying to find something meaningful to put into words. I mean, it’s tough blogging about the mundane; what’s the point? In the end I have to resort to mind exercises and pondering the what if’s and meaning of life stuff.

Thankfully, it’s not at all difficult to imagine a world with flying cars, talking houses, space tourism, and myself blogging. And then, this thought pretty much excited me: I can totally imagine myself with my laptop typing away while floating in a space hotel. Damn, that’d be something! Then I’ll look back through my previous entries and find this one. How freaky would that be!? I’ll take this opportunity to say hi to the future-me-in-space if he exists.

Yeah, I tend to get excited over the little things. I get excited over things that most people probably don’t even care about. It could be a spontaneous decision to eat Mongolian instead of Mexican. It could be the plane trip to vacation rather than the actual vacation.

Anyways, I bet if we keep blogging and keep track of each other, we’ll never be too far off. It’s just a feeling I have. Maybe it’ll be because we’ll never become too unfamiliar with each other. Maybe it’ll be because we’ll have something to talk about to break the ice. Maybe it’ll be because we’ll never seem too far away.

I’ve also been feeling bad about neglecting blogging about my trips and outings with my friends. I know the specifics will slowly vanish. After all, mere photographs of our trips only capture moments in time and what they appear to be on the surface, not our thoughts or our feelings. For me, that’s the one thing that’ll be forever lost if I’m just too lazy to post about the beach trip or the water rafting trip, or the countless ventures to the local milk tea store or Starbucks.

I’ll begin now. I know I’ll regret it if I don’t.

So… expect something two to three days from now.


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