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A Discourse on the Method of Friendship

I know that I completely ripped off the title from some other, perhaps insignificant, author to you all and modified it to fill the missing gap at the top of my post. As Einstein once said, “The secret to creativity is hiding your sources”. Now isn’t that a scary idea? Just imagine, I could have randomly blurted out some quote and potentially be praised for it if nobody found out.

So forget what you just read, okay?

I was browsing through the blog the other day and noticed friendship rule #6. While I agree that it may be valid in certain instances, I do not believe that it is general enough to deserve to be in the Rules of Friendship.

Here’s why.

Suppose that there a is a certain person that is very lonely and in dire peril (for whatever reason, you decide). That person may be reaching out towards somebody else who may have been in the same situation beforehand as to relieve a part of the burden that said person is going through. Suppose then that I am not allowed say “I know how you feel”, well how is that person ever to know that there is somebody else that understands the situation that they are in?

The person that rejects that kind of emphasizing will most likely have too much pride in one’s self. If the situation is trivial, then why can’t the friend attempt to emphasize and share their experiences with said person?

Now, to add more clarity to the rule, I propose that the rule should be modified to the extent that a true friend should not say a statement that does not hold water. In other words, do not make a superficial statement that does not help another person at all. Baseless claims and comments will only make the person feel worse because it gives off the vibe that the supposed “true friend” does not truly emphasize with their plight.

On the same note, I spent the day packing up boxes and moving around merchandise from my store. Why? To put it simply, it’s over. For the 15+ years that my family has been in the party craft industry, it is finally over. Does anybody understand what it’s like to put away the same store that they’ve built from the ground up since they were a child? I doubt that anybody in my circle would truly understand the emotional turbulence swirling around in my mind, but that shouldn’t stop anybody from trying to comfort me if I needed it (which I don’t guys, thanks for thinking it though).

Life is unfair. It’s an overplayed truism; but it clearly describes the situations that we all must face at some point in our lives, whether we like it or not.

Regardless of the unfairness and strife that everybody faces, the single, most important idea that you all must take with you is that we must remain positive even in trying times. Do not be foolishly hopeful and optimistic for events that may never occur. Remember to stay realistic, not negative (the two are often mixed up).

There are few events that we can truly mold in our lives. While we maintain that we all have free will and decide the paths we take throughout our lives, nobody can guarantee an outcome with absolute certainty. The only true influence in the course of our lives is to remain positive. Being positive will open a transition into a better future, while being negative for all events will do the exact opposite.

To keep things short: stay positive guys, good things will happen as well as bad things and we must learn to cope with all events.



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