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My eyes flew open

0_0. A quick glance at my clock says it’s 5:57 a.m.

Still… so freaking tired… 3 more min– CRAP I GOT NO FOOD! (Notice how my vocabulary is directly proportional to the number of minutes that have passed during the day)

Another glance at my alarm clock. Yes, it’s 5:57, meaning only forty five minutes until Marcus picks me up for the day’s water rafting trip. And I got no lunch! In a flurry of blankets and clothes I half-tripped out of the house and jumped ungracefully into my car.


Shit! What’s open? I’ll check Starbucks first. And yes, Starbucks was amazingly open and the people inside were definitely more awake than I was. I ordered a scone and a croissant and then drove back to the house. 6:20. Hell yes! I found my sandals, grabbed my pack I prepared last night and bagged my pastries. I grabbed a water bottle and waited in the garage.


Marcus came over. We picked up Cassi and we were on our way. It was a very fun and scenic drive as we drove through the country to Stanislaus River. The fact that we WERE in the country hit us urbanites harder than a bullet train.

“HOLY CRAP that guy is smoking a pipe!”

“Daamn that place sells hay?”

“Look at all of the corn!”

“I’m getting kinda worried. When was the last time any of you guys saw a gas station?”

The longer we drove, the less buildings we saw. By the time we were 3 miles from our destination it was just a road, the clear blue sky, and tall grass that swayed in the wind. It was peaceful.


My obsessive planning down to the exact detail paid off. I told everyone the rafting trip began at 9. They never knew it actually began at 9:30. Nevertheless, we arrived 5 minutes before. Little did we know that we would have to wait another hour.


We hit the rapids. We got soaked, but through no fault of our own and to the entire fault of the other rafts loaded to the teeth with water guns. They’re like pirates only with the weaponry and none of the greed. They shouldn’t fire on unarmed and peaceful vessels! My friend got so pissed that he jumped off the raft, swam his way across the current, and latched onto their boat. I felt kind of bad whenever I see how scared their faces were.

When lunch came around, we weren’t too eager to eat with the rest of the group. We had a better idea. We ate somewhere else! That was genius. And who said we had to eat ashore? We tied the boat onto some trees and ate on the water. It was great.

I felt like we bonded a lot as we floated down that river.

Boats were returned before 5 o’clock and we spent the rest of the day driving home and eating sushi. I gave a small astronomy lesson as we waited for my friend’s parents to come home and let her into the house.

Can’t wait to do it again.


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One Response

  1. yokotsuki says:

    Lol. It sounded really fun. T-T sucks…I didn’t go.
    I’ll go next time! xD

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