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Greetings weary traveler

You have indeed reached a most magical place called “The City.” It’s in The City that you find spectacles so odd you won’t be able to avert your eyes. Magical things such as giant towering structures of glass and metal beams where city-folk work, metal boxes on wheels that effortlessly go at speeds faster than your best pure-bred horse, and giant metal birds that can fly at unimaginable heights and make sounds louder than thunder itself, can make anyone take a step back to get it all in.

Everything in the city is fast-paced. Nobody takes a walk for the sake of taking a walk. Occasionally you have insane people who run for the sake of running, but we all avoid them. Rather, people need to be places. And The City caters to these people. The ground you’re standing on as you talk to me… it’s unnaturally smooth, is it not? It’s for our metal boxes. They don’t like rough roads.

And the people themselves. We never look where we’re going. We don’t even listen where we’re going. Does the city seem loud to you? It does, right? But take a look at that woman there. She’s not schizophrenic, but she has something in her ear that lets her talk to someone far away. Hard to believe? I can’t really explain it to someone as anachronistic as you, but you can picture it if you imagine really long telephone lines that go all the way into space, past the height our metal birds fly. There they stop at a man-made moon with metal wings, only a million times smaller. Then they come back and attach themselves to another person’s phone.

And yes, people never look wherever they go. They aren’t as amazed as you and me when they see one of these birds or when they go between the skyscrapers. To them, The City isn’t magical at all; it’s just another place to be. You’d be surprised, traveler, that these city-folk pay a lot of money and spend much effort to go to places that you yourself find mundane.

Well, traveler, I do much hope you enjoy your time here. This is where we part, for a calculus class awaits me. Before we part, a word of warning. The boxes on wheels… they’re blind. So are the people who operate them. I already told you before that nobody looks where they go. Tread with caution when you’re in The City. It’s as dangerous as it’s magical.


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