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The process

More and more drafts continue to gather dust as I basically perform the electronic equivalent of writing something down, read over it, crumple it up, and toss it into the bin. I type something up, read over it, and click save draft. And forget about it. Well, not really.

But that’s what’s convenient about blogging. Those ideas never go to waste. You don’t empty all of the contents into the recycling bin at the end of the day. Rather, they sit there. They sit there and stare at me like this. 0_0 Big, round, creepy eyes. And they keep telling me to finish them.

They’re all wonderful ideas, which is why I never throw them away. But I never use them either. Instead, I continue to live through my life, waiting for some kind of experience, epic or mundane, that emphasizes a particular idea, wonderment, or whatever the hell that inspires me. Then it gets posted. Unlike some of my other friends that blog, it bugs me if I can’t completely formulate a thought. It’s against my policy to be completely honest with myself. I’m happy to say that I’ve never posted something that I haven’t been 100% happy with. That is, the ones that aren’t password protected.

Unique password protected posts are basically the equivalent to, (using gaming terminology here), a sandbox. Which means I can just type whatever the hell I want. Organization and vocabulary are nonexistent. No one’s going to understand except me. That’s totally fine by the way.

And what I refer to as universal password protected ones are just for a few people close to me. It’s basically the same password and if it lets you in, then it’d be something I’d want just the few of you to see. Man alive, I’m feeling technical tonight! It sets me free…

(yes, I’m bound to go to some engineering/science field. )

Overall, this is the hardest part about blogging. Not the formation of ideas and notions. But building upon them. Strengthening and elaborating on each of them until they mean something to me.

And ever since I’ve decided to do that, this blog has become nothing short of spectacular in my two eyes. I don’t know, and frankly don’t care, if this blog impresses people or the opposite. It’s impressive to me 😀

I think that matters most.

…that being said, it’s pretty cool… the sheer number of people that visit this blog hahahaha! You guys are awesome.


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