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Friendship Rule #5

I don’t exactly know how many rules I’ll come up with. I think of new ones as I go through day after day. My 5th rule should be regarded more as a guideline, but I still strongly believe in it. Here it is:

Rule #5: Maintain at least periodic contact.

Contact involves anything except perhaps email. I’m talking about webcamming, instant messaging, phone, etc. Anything, basically, that allows one to have real-time conversation. Because like it or not, you may think your bonds are indestructible. A small percentage of you might be correct. But most of you aren’t. So unless you guys talk once in awhile, you’re bound to drift apart before realizing it. Then one day you’ll find yourself going through your buddy list and you see your friend is online, but you haven’t spoken to him or her for several years. Then it’ll be kind of awkward if you just chime in out of the blue… so you don’t do it. And that’s how you lose touch. So if one of you moved… phone each other. Webcam. Chat. Whatever. BUT! Absolutely NOTHING can replace a real face-to-face chat at a Starbucks. So don’t forget to plan a hangout every month or two!

Sometimes you shouldn’t try to fight it. The person wasn’t too close and you have other friends anyways. That’s fine; no sense to struggle with every person you know. Remember that these rules are meant for the best of friends.

Friends come and go. But make sure you go all out to keep the ones that are most precious.


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