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Sin city

So what tipped me off to the fact that I was finally in Vegas? Was it the heat? The surplus amount of light and color? The fact that the hotels on the strip seemed so misplaced that it was as if some child that was high on drugs designed it on his city tycoon? Whatever it was though, it certainly wasn’t pleasant. As a teenager from San Jose, the leading edge of technology in the nation, and the area known for diversity and smart people, Las Vegas seemed like the thudding opposite. Everything is so… crude. And it felt so weird ACTUALLY being a minority.

Gas was around 2.85 a gallon. But could that be a cause to some of the billboard advertisements I saw?  “In a wreck? Need a check?” “Half-priced lawyers.” “Lawyers that fight for your DUI.” “Got a traffic ticket? We go to court for you.”

We got to the hotel lobby around 7 pm. What got to me wasn’t the intense heat, but the concentrated fumes of cigarettes. Thankfully, the actual hotel rooms smell normal. By 8, we drove off for dinner. What are we going to have? I wondered. Steak? Seafood? An all you can eat buffet?!” Then my mom broke the train of thought.

“What’s a good pho or noodle place around here?”

And I might’ve strained my eyes as they tried oh so hard not to roll themselves.


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