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At a loss for words…

I no longer think I can fulfill my resolution of one blog a week. I no longer have any idea how some of my friends blog every several days. Maybe I’ll pick up the resolution once more when fall begins and my life accelerates. I don’t think I can grab some time off from blogging because I’m afraid I’ll forget it will even exist. It’s also more difficult to write this because more and more people I know have begun reading it, so it’s difficult to rant without offending them. It’s kind of sad how I’m back to where I began before I had this. I kept my feelings bottled up because I didn’t want to hurt people. Then I found this medium where I can rant and rant and not have to keep this private… it doesn’t matter to me if hundreds of people strangers¬†read my thoughts and feelings. It’s actually quite comforting since I know that people see what I’m going to and can maybe relate. It gives me hope that people have been through my situation before and have escaped it like it never happened. This blog is very sentimental to me, so I don’t want to start all over on some obscure blog. I’ll have to see. When/if I move, there won’t be any url’s or warning. Or perhaps I run two blogs at once. I hardly think I can do that, though. I’ll have to see.



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