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I found this post from ages ago and it still made me crack a smile… =] It’s from a very old script that I made a bit less than a year ago.


When we last left, the friends have finally united after several years of seperation. Well, almost all the friends. One was simply pushed aside by Saurav’s addiction to caramel. And in only a few short minutes, one might be seperated again as a plane exploded a half a world away.

Damn, I suck at… I don’t even know what you call them. Conclusions? Briefings? Okay. This scene kicks off right afterthe last scene. I shouldn’t have ended scene there, but it got tiring, plus it made an excellent cliff hanger.

Scene 1.

Setting: CNN is blaring in the background. Starbucks employees are starting to close the cafe. Everyone’s ready to leave.

Bao: Sorry guys, I’m going back to work. I might be flying to Tokyo. (Editor’s note: ahhhhh I’m leaving you guys again =[…)

Saurav: Dude, what about dinner? You’re going to blow us off after six years of not seeing each other?

Teresa: Bao, the plane isn’t going anywhere at the moment. Will Boeing care if you’re gone another several hours?

Bao: (laughs) No. Actually, I’m not on the accident investigation board. But they–

Saurav: Shut the hell up. We’re going to eat! You know, after I get another caramel frap. (holds up empty cup)

Martin: (awestruck) Dude, it’s coffee. Not shots of alcohol.

Saurav: (in a like-it’s-the-most-obvious-thing-in-the-world tone) Dude, it’s me. Not someone else. (goes to the counter) (Note: I don’t know if Saurav is still like this, but I know he used to be OBSESSED with caramel fraps)

Teresa: Fosho.

Bao: You know, I parked a little far, so I’ll go fetch the car.

Martin: Let me go with you. Then we could ditch them for a strip joint. (He doesn’t make these kinds of jokes)

They exit.

Nam: Hey Teresa, you want to… (voice trails off because Teresa hasn’t heard him and went to talk to Saurav by the counter instead. Looks down at his shoes.) (Everyone still ignores Nam a lot, huh?)

End scene.

Scene 2.

Bao and Martin are walking across the dark parking lot. There are still many cars, but barely any people. Someone walks up to them as they’re walking.

Bao: So I was thinking. When you design my house… (HELL NO)

Martin: We talked about this so many times on AIM, but it’s still no!

Bao: Come on! Why won’t you design my house? You’re my best friend. You know… I love you.

Martin: (Smiles) Reeeaally?

(Nam, Teresa, and Saurav walks out and starts to catch up)

Bao: Holy crap. You really haven’t changed a bit. Dude… (holds out hand to stop Martin. They both stop walking. Bao squints at a person who’s walking to them) Dude, I think that kid is lost.

Martin: (frowns) Yeah. But something doesn’t feel right. (He walks to the person.) Hey kid.(softly) Come here… it’s okay, come to me… Everything’s gonna be okay.

Saurav: (to Bao) Oh my God, is Martin really going to do what I think he is?

Teresa: He wouldn’t. I’ll call the cops myself.

Bao: What? (confused, then realizes) Oh! No we think the kid is lost…

Teresa, Nam, Saurav: Ohhh.

Nam: Yeah, because we thought he was gonna–

(Teresa, Bao, Saurav all shush him. They all turn to watch Martin and the kid)

Martin: Do you need a phone?

Vikki: No, I just need some money so I can catch a bus.

Martin: Sure thing, honey. (Pulls out his wallet)

Vikki: Ohhh look. A cat! (points behind Martin)

Martin turns around and Vikki kicks him in the groin. He falls, releases a high pitched scream, and both of his hands instinctively cover the groin area. He drops the wallet in the process. Bao, Saurav, Nam, and Teresa looks at the scene with a mixed expression of horror and amusement. Vikki picks up the wallet and runs towards the street. She trips and falls onto some grass a few feet away from the street. Bao and Teresa head towards Vikki while Nam and Saurav runs to help Martin.

End scene 2.

Scene 3.

Saurav: (laughing) Dude, you just got raped!

Martin: Shut the F*** up! (knocks Saurav’s drink out of his hands)

Saurav: You b*tch…

Martin and Saurav start wrestling

Nam: (shouts) Guys, guys! Let’s not fight. Just think about it. Is this how it’s gonna be after finally seeing each other?

Saurav: (panting) Yeah, you’re right. (turns to Martin) You’re such a hypocrite man…

Martin: What!?

Saurav: You always tell us to protect our investments. (He still does after all this time) I think that kid just–

Martin: Alright alright alright.

Saurav: I mean, DUDE. She just–

Martin: Alright!! Come on, I’ll replace your drink…

(Nam laughs and the three of them walk back to Starbucks)

End scene 3.

Scene 4.

(Teresa and Bao pants as they finally reach Vikki, who is panting even harder and is in apparent pain)

Bao: Okay Vikki, just hand back the wallet…(coughs) and I won’t call the cops.

Teresa: What the hell, that’s Vikki?

Bao: You don’t recognize her?

Teresa: What is there to recognize?

Vikki: Guys?

Bao: I know there isn’t much, but you don’t recognize her voice?

Teresa: That doesn’t sound like Vikki.

Bao: Holy crap, she was your best friend.

Teresa: Was being the key word.

Vikki: Hey guys!

Bao: Okay, how about that kick?

Teresa: (hands to her hips, leaning in) What about it?

Bao: Vikki used to go to tae kwon do. That’s a classic front kick.

Teresa: (exasperated) It was a kick to the groin! So what?

Vikki: (Shouts) GUYS!

Teresa, Bao: (Shouts) WHAT!?

Vikki: (small voice) Could you help me up? I think I sprained my ankle.

End scene.


What would’ve happened is that I drive Vikki to my place so she could get cleaned up. Then she would’ve come to dinner with us with Teresa still not recognizing her. Will she ever? Sure, but when it hits her is beyond me.

This is pretty outdated because a lot of them have changed a bit and it would’ve made these scenarios a bit more implausible. But it was still really fun to make this. It’s too bad that I never finished this. There are so many friends out there that haven’t made their debut in this scene. After Vikki would’ve been Samantha, followed by Eddie and Marcus, then… who knows? Character arcs might have followed, then the resolution of the plane accident that may or may not have been a design flaw.

You guys are still my best friends and it would’ve been fun to finish this. Hmm… that’s an intriguing thought. Maybe I’ll update this sometime.

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