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Who are you and why do you care?

I’m writing this blog with one person in mind. I doubt she’ll know it’s about her even if she reads this.



You’re a real piece of work, you know that? Throughout high school, we must’ve spoken to each other like ten times. Before high school, we’ve met twice. Now we don’t talk at all. But still, somehow, you’re an amazing person and you care a lot. The first time we met was a blast. The second time we met we said hi for a brief moment then went off in our own directions. We had geometry and statistics together. We probably exchanged words twice. The first time you found out someone liked me, you went to her and tell her “don’t you dare break his heart.”

So if we hardly speak to each other… why? Why are you like this? I remembered you made a video for me on my birthday. The song was great, but you surrounded by these random people I’ve never seen before and they sang as well. Made it kind of awkward. Still, the thought was there. That’s what counted.

So to answer the question of “why?” The only reason why I think you care so much about so many people could be because you need people to like you. You probably hate it when people can’t stand you. That’s probably your Achille’s heel. But whether you truly like me as a person or not makes no difference. If this is who you are, that’s fine. I will look out for you and help carry the loads that burden you. Because when it boils down to it, you’re one of the nicest girls I’ve ever met. And I guess it’s human for people to want to gain acceptance.

Hmm, so many cliches in this post. But I’m happy with it.

So… cheers


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