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How about another slice of life?

I’ve never understood how mundane things such as watching someone’s life (or a group of people’s lives) unwind on TV could be as interesting as, say, NASA preparing a shuttle to avert a meteor that’s headed towards Paris. How do sitcoms do it? Perhaps it’s because we can relate to it? We can see ourselves in their shoes. (But to be fair, I could totally see myself as one of the astronauts =P) Or maybe it’s because the absurdity in one’s life is just hilarious. After all, bad things are funny if they aren’t happening to you right?

So maybe I should talk about my life. I haven’t done that in awhile I think. Hmm… something happened on Monday. Went to physics. Ah, but for the love of me, I don’t remember. Tuesday… went to physics, calculus, and solar astronomy. OH! MONDAY! I met a ton of amazing people and made some friends. We had a great time hanging out. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had that much fun with a group of strangers. The highlight of Wednesday were me and Teresa exploring a really windy and maze-like neighborhood. We searched for the house numbered 666, but we couldn’t find it in the end. Also, there was me sparring Nam in front of his dad. His dad wasn’t too happy with Nam’s performance. And Thursday was just another day of class.

Now’s where I put in something that’s meaningful to me. Can’t think of anything. I’ll finish this post by the end of the day.

…nope still can’t find anything. But I really feel like I’m losing touch with people. I should really go on AIM more…

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