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Sorry everyone. Well, sorry to myself as well. This is officially the longest I’ve ever went without updating. I finally broke my new years resolution from two years ago! Nine straight days without blogging. I could just kick myself right about now. Agh!

Not as much has been happening in my life at the moment. I currently don’t have any epiphanies or strong feelings that must force themselves onto my weblog. I’m not feeling particularly loquacious at the moment.

I’m at a family reunion at the moment. Pretty large one as well with relatives flying in anywhere from Virginia to Vietnam. I’ve recognized one person literally. I’m very out of touch with my extended family. Too much pre-ordered Asian food that taste the same whether it’s a spring roll or a plate of fried rice… not enough steak or chicken. I give thanks to God that I already had dim sum with some friends before I came over. Thank you God. Thank you for saving me from the wrath of boring Asian food.

I hope dinner will be more interesting. If my parents didn’t reserve a spot at Benihana’s, I can look forward to another fun night with my closest friends. I already can’t wait to see all of you as I sit here. I also think you guys are closer than my friends in Fremont and I can’t thank you guys enough, especially what happened today.

I honestly didn’t expect any of them to come along with me as I revisited my old childhood house. And as I entered Westridge Dr. in Milpitas (my street), I didn’t expect to feel a little scared. But with Teresa sitting next to me and Martin and Kevin sitting in the back exchanging really offensive jokes, it wasn’t too bad at all.

I’ll get back to the party. Sayonara.


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