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So yeah, I’ve totally forgotten about blogging for essentially a month and a half. It’s so funny because blogging never even crossed my mind until now and, when I went back to check WordPress, I get a “friendly”-ahem, threatening-reminder from Bao to continue blogging.

HAHA. That completely made my night, err very early morning. It’s about 2:30 AM right now. Shit, I should sleep.

On that thought, I’ve realized that I started using curse words much more blatantly than I used to. It’s interesting to notice the little changes in yourself after high school. Ever since I’ve been in college, I have become a night owl. It’s so strange, I don’t sleep at night anymore and I regularly stay up until 3 or 4 at most. My lifestyle is terrible and I need somebody to saveee me.

Spring quarter has been amazing for me. I hang out with my new college buddies every day and we always have a blast (can’t say the same for a certain roommate, ahem). Tomorrow, I’ll be watching the movie, The Men I’ve Slept With, and it’s supposed to be a sex comedy with Asians in it. Sounds fun to me.

It’s late and I’ll update some more later, I promise 🙂


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