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Time for a new post

It’s been seven days and I got 2.5 hours to post this, or else I break my new year’s resolution from two years ago. I believe this is the only resolution I’ve ever kept in my entire life. Sure, stop biting my nails is supposed to be easy… but I guess keeping a blog updated at least once a week is easier. But I don’t know what to talk about; nothing life changing, no epiphanies… But I suppose even the most mundane things are very interesting.

So… a new quarter began this week and I find myself taking physics, math, and astronomy. Everything is so different. You got new faces, new assignments, new locations, new routines… I like it. Although it tends to get pretty lonely because my schedule is almost opposite with my friends, so I never see them. People seem to become less and less social every time a new quarter starts; I remember how easy it was to make a friend the very first quarter. Still, I’m confident I’ll make new friends.

I’m a very shy person, although I know some people would have a hard time believing me. It’s just… I take a deep breath, clear my mind, and then I’m a different person somehow. I walk up to a random stranger and we somehow end up talking. Usually, however, I’m quiet, I sit in the back of the class, and nobody notices me. I enjoy that. It’s becoming lonely though. I’m still scared shitless whenever I walk up to a new person. I’m lucky I guess, for I haven’t been rejected… yet.

I took a really long walk with my cousin’s dog today. Her name is Butter. Very creative…. I guess. I’ll upload a picture of her later. Twenty minutes into the walk, I met Julie and her sister. Two hours and forty minutes later, the walk was over. It was pretty fun and I wish it didn’t need to end so early.

It’s going to rain on Sunday and Monday guys, so don’t forget your boots and umbrella.

Oh! I think I AM going to make a theme song. I’m woefully short of videos at the moment though (recyling videos don’t sound at all appealing, though in the end I may not have a choice) and I have tons of pictures of people covering their faces or turning away… which is retarded. Seriously guys, if you complained to me about how I don’t have many pictures of you in the first video, THEN DON’T COVER YOUR EFFING FACES! =O


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