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A shout out

to the friends I’ve made in Interpersonal Communications. For the past ten weeks all of you guys have been amongst my closest friends. Actually, I think I’ve spent the most with you guys over my other friends, so it was all inevitable anyways. Sure we’re ultimately just classmates, but I’ll miss the laughter, the group projects, and the company I’ve enjoyed with you guys. The introduction to beer pong, the exploding cars, the sushi rolls, late night meetings… SHIT IN ‘N OUT lolz. Monday for us is the final day we’ll meet, and I have a mixed feeling of eagerness and dread; eager to see you guys again, dreading that Monday will be the last day.

De Anza has a very large student body, so it makes me wonder if I’ll get to see any of you walking around. Then I wonder if I’ll have the guts to walk up to any of you and say “hi” in front of the random people that are your friends. Because let’s face it, it’s pretty doubtful we’ll keep in touch. Nevertheless, I hope we’ll have an amazing last day together and I know I’ll leave that classroom knowing there are hella nice people like you guys out there. Maybe we’ll even hang out afterwards.

Haha, anyways, it’s been a hella fun class. Low energy my ass. Looking forward to Monday and though it’s doubtful, I hope we’ll keep in touch.

Cheers! 😀

…and to everyone else. Please don’t give me hell for this post. You guys are still my best closest friends.

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