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My English teacher’s theme song

Whenever Mr. Kragen walks out of his house, he blares “Ain’t No Hollaback Girl” on his speaker as he walks to the car at 6 in the morning. Either that or the Rocky and Bullwinkle theme song. Damn, his neighbors must hate him. Well, school was pretty fun today. We listened to a Shakespeare expert discuss his views on Hamlet. Even the teacher fell asleep. We all made fun of him when he woke up. Same drill again tomorrow!

Frank Soler was friendlier than ever as we discussed Newton’s method in class. Damn, and I still need to practice optimization problems for calculus.

I had the best study group I’ll ever have in my short or long living LIFE in communications class. Although a B isn’t what I was hoping for in our project, I made some really nice friends in that project group. Also, a pretty girl said I was cute =D. Then I looked her into her multi-colored eyes (brown and blue… ya I KNOW!!!). Well, I’m pretty sure she didn’t mean anything by it… but that wouldn’t stop me from taking her out for a cup of coffee =D Oh, and I totally blew people away with my leet card haxors skills. I feel so loved and fuzzy all over.

Finished a Macross Frontier marathon, going to move onto Macross Zero.

I’m playing this classical piece on the piano. A Nocturne, my very first. By Grieg… also my very first. I think it’s beautiful. It’s a nice break from all the modern mainstream stuff I’ve been working on, such as the Final Fantasy pieces.


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