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My car is such a playaaa…

Looking back at this year, I’ve realized that I’ve had a huge number of people sit in the front seat of my car. Only three of them… were guys (George, Benson, and Nam). The rest of my passengers, overwhelmingly, were girls! I had Teresa, Julie, Nam Mila, Cassandra, Lynn, plus a myriad of others that no one reading this blog would be familiar with. George have sat in this car once, Benson once, and Nam three times. Compared to that, for example, Julie = countless.

I think it’s special when you get a new car to have all your friends sit in it at least once. It’s sort of christening it I suppose. It’s sort of like a baptism on fire, though not unexpected. Hmm, how many people have been in my car?

Me, Saurav, Martin, Teresa, Eddie, Edwin, Vikki, Van, Cassandra, Kevin Hsieh, Kevin Ho, Lynn, Mila, Julie, Nam, Marcus, Christine, Jennifer, George, George’s friends, Flora (damn, I almost forgot!), James, Thanh (though I’ve never driven him), and Jenna… are the ones my friends are familiar with… and the ones I remembered. These people plus my parents, my grandparents, and my sister.

I’ve had many moments in the car. Lots of good ones, several nostalgic ones, and even more bad ones (it always sucks to drop a friend off and then end up driving alone).

…what a very special car.



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