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Meandering thoughts of a Bay Area college student… be prepared for some bipolar vocabulary

“It’s Macross!” “What’s so damn special?” “…it’s MACROSS.”

This anime gets me high. It’s cheaper and safer than drugs. Its epic-ness is beyond comprehension.

Can you say eyecandy?!

No longer can I remember the start of the journey
By the time I realized it, i was already here.
The seasons tore apart, out come undiscovered infrared rays.
Sensing them, my eyes become lost.

I’ll probably lose them…
These fateful feelings…
I made love like I was fighting.
I stubbornly dug out my dreams,
I wanted to go down to that planet,
I wanted to fly in your sky…

If there’s no you, there’ll be no meaning.
I wish all the people would disappear.
If love goes away, I don’t need this heart either.
The whole world, just disappear!

I wanted to ask your heart…
I wanted to build rainbows with you.
Won’t someone gently hold me in the sentimentality of daybreak?
Deflected by the course of dreams, these tears of love just scattered into space.
And I don’t care if it’s naked pain.

Polaris is crying, summoned back by our destiny…
If we’re going to live through the labyrith anyway,
I want to die loving you until I’m totally spent!

Then it will begin,
A fateful ending.
I loved like I was fighting.
I kicked the dream to a pulp,
I wanted to meet my end on that planet,
I wanted to bloom in your sky…

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