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Azure ether

I’ll give you one of my names…
One I hold dear.
Give me one of your words…
But not “farewell.”

If light is a particle and a wave,
You are a bird and the universe.

You were always by my side, the memories have connected,
that day when everything harmonized as one,
I wanted to always be near you, but no matter how much I put into my voice,
It wouldn’t reach you…

Blue… blue… blue journey.

Not attacking,
Not defending,
A feeling somewhere in the middle.
Between radiance and despair,
A feeling  somewhere in the middle.

If the future is feather and lead,
I am water and fire.

I was always by your side, we were closer than love,
The day when everything was warm, together as one,
I wanted to be near you, but I couldn’t hear the music,
I’m drifting away from you.

Blue… blue… blue journey.

-マクロスF (フロンティア)

..I’ll see you next year


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