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Calculus professor

He wasted my life making me learn limits and limits and limits. Today he taught us the power rule. Just… gg.

I had this really cool dream last night. I was at an airport waiting for a flight to Taiwan. The strangest assortment of people I saw were Kevin, Teresa, and George. We hung out for a bit around the domestic gates while the three friends waited for an Air Canada flight. I remember being kind of surprised (and kind of not) as their plane arrived and they left. Then I realized. My flight leaves in ten minutes, so what the hell am I doing in domestic!? I grabbed my backpack and scrambled to the air train station. I couldn’t find my ticket, but I knew I was holding it at the same time. I mean, I could literally see it in my hand. Then I woke up.

Why, in my dream, am I seperate from some of my closest friends? Why am I going to Taiwan while Kevin goes somewhere else? Does the time (probably between 1 and 3 in the morning) have anything to do with… anything… other than the fact that’s my favorite time to depart for travels? What does the misplaced ticket mean?

I’m constantly growing closer to new people. Every once in awhile, I meet someone new. This girl in my communications class joined me for milk tea. I’m kind of surprised she went with me considering she knew she’d be late for her next class. We had a really fun time and it seemed somehow worth it even if we were at Fantasia for only two minutes. Hanging out around Martin and Kevin, I tend to forget that people don’t only focus on looks; she told me her boyfriend isn’t the most handsome but his personality is awesome. (Daamn, those girls really DO exist!)  Then I told her that I base my first impressions on girls based on the way they look, which earned me a verbal slap. (Oh my God, you’re terrible!) Things were blurry, but I also called her a chubby chaser at one point.

…I’m really not.

Tomorrow, hopefully, I’m meeting my cross-cultural program partner. It’s a program where international ESL students are paired with American students who are fluent in English. You’re assigned to be their buddy and learn about their cultures as they learn about your’s and improve their English in the process. My assigned partner is from China. She’s between the ages of 19 and 22. She speaks Cantonese, so she’s probably from Hong Kong according to Xi. Haha George told me that if I taught her card tricks, I’d have an excuse to hold her hands. I think that’s GENIUS.

I’m meeting Benson again on Thursday. I haven’t seen him for about a month since he’s a Foothill student. The final time I saw him in 2009, we went to this deserted mall in Cupertino where he fell in love with an Asian candy shop. He made me try a small crab which… tasted alright, but the texture made me gag. You can’t help but notice you’re sucking and chewing on a shell with legs. I haven’t been talking to people for awhile; sometimes I spend the entire day in De Anza just going to class then leaving.

Like Teresa, for example. I haven’t seen her last week (because I wasn’t invited until it was too late!!!) and I’ll miss her again this week. I think the last conversation I had with her was a birthday pact where instead of individual gifts, everyone will pool their money together and buy a super nice gift. Teresa’s gift introduced numerous problems that had to be addressed (an expensive dinner). Kevin wanted an expensive anime figurine, like the one Martin ordered seemingly decades ago. Martin is already one filthy rich whore so we’re lost there. Me, I wouldn’t mind getting a new AEG FN-P90! That’s as far as discussions went.

Actually no, my most recent conversation with Teresa lasted for a few seconds when I found a really weird picture of her on my computer. Then I became drowsy.

Kind of drowsy now actually. I guess I’ll post!

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