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The Policy

It sounds like the name to a really ominous book or movie. No, actually it’s my policy, the one where I’m supposed to blog about something significant once a week. To be honest, it is ominous. For me anyways. Well I’ve got to tell you, I’ve been cheating. Not that I haven’t been blogging every week, but the things I blog about aren’t that significant. Most of you probably see through all of the smoke and mirrors I employ using my vocabulary. You push aside all of those illusions and strip the issues to its butt-naked state, then I’m probably just another teenager bitching at life. But then again, we all are.

We all go through those realizations, those earth-shattering epiphanies, and we treat them oh-so-special. But they are earth-shattering. Yes, but they rock only your earth. The rest of the world moves on. Everyone else has already been through all of these. Makes me depressed a little, because I like to think that I’m something special. I guess I’m just another person in the world of 6.6 billion.

The three day weekend was really fun. On Friday, I enjoyed some quality one-on-one talking with Teresa. Looking back, I was really surprised that it wasn’t too awkward. We talked. We drove. We had drinks. We got lost. It’s all fun and games until you realize you’re all the way in downtown San Jose. We met up with Kevin in Oakridge and went bra shopping with Teresa. It’s still laughable that no one in Target found it weird that two guys were accompanying (and making suggestions for)  a girl who’s browsing at lingerie. Later that night, I got picked up and we went to Starbucks and Martin’s house to watch Brad Pitt slaughter the Italian language (along with several Nazis). Inglorious Basterds was fun.

My Saturday began when Thanh and Teresa picked me up. We met up with everyone at the YMCA and we carpooled to a Dim Sum place, then went to the park. We ate, ran around, and abused each other until we felt like throwing up. You know how they say you learn something new every day? I learned that Teresa and Cassandra are freakishly strong when it comes to arm wrestling. We spent the next several hours at Thanh’s house playing poker for pride and ego, then went to Martin’s house for food, a walk, mafia, and more poker for more pride and ego. I came home satisfied and worn out.

It was a fun weekend.


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