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How long does it take for a wound to heal?

I’ve never dealt with a loss before, so I’m in uncharted waters here. This with the fact that no one in my family knows about this makes it easier and harder at the same time (mostly easier). It’s especially comforting that not everybody knows what’s going on. Nevertheless, it’s really unnerving. I pick the oddest hours to lament and cry when I thought all of that would be over by now. It’s surprising because I still can cry; I would’ve thought I’d lost the ability to do so years ago.

Myth says that the harder and the more somebody cries for a lost loved one at first, the less he or she misses them. Apparently that’s not true, because it’s still difficult to breathe whenever something reminds me of her. I went nuts the first time I heard.

I don’t think there’s any point to this particular post except to state the fact that I miss her so much and I can’t stop loving her.


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