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Tell me something I don’t already know…

Yeah, I know I like love airplanes. I mean seriously, if I had a girlfriend, she’d be freaked out and tell people I’m having an affair. And it’d suck, because I won’t correct her. She’s on the money anyways. I take my obsession to the extreme. I have Jeppesen flight charts for my simulator. I have them for over 5000 airports all around the world. I really want a pilot’s license =[

Uhh, for example, the above chart gives precise directions on how to fly an approach to  Runway 17 using VOR and DME equipment on the plane (and a stop watch at some points 0_0 but that’s for when you go into a holding pattern). Plus it gives you directions on what to do if you miss the runway and have to go up again and all that stuff. This one looks a bit intimidating yet fun. But after looking at other places, this one is relatively simple, but absolutely vital if you have no ATC to direct you and you’re flying in horrible visibility.

But my point is, my love for airplanes continue to grow. I mean, I can’t believe looking at that chart doesn’t put me to sleep.

I’m such a wannabe =[

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